With Storelio you consume by night the solar energy produced by day:

  • Solar panels power in priority the energy needs of the home
  • Solar power surplus is automatically stored into the battery

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Storelio is an all-in-one innovative system:

  • Ready to install and without maintenance
  • Totally noiseless and extremely compact
  • Inverter + Lithium battery + MPPT charger integrated

Storelio uses easyLi batteries, the industrial Lithium battery specialist:

  • Service life above 15 years and maintenance free* 
  • Manufactured under strict quality control in easyLi workshop in France
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate proven technology

*depending on usage conditions

Storelio is simply connected between the photovoltaic panels and the electrical board of the house without any modifications of the electrical installation.

100% of generated energy is self consumed.